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Categorise your spending to Australian Tax Office standards in minutes

How it works

Deductly examines and categorises your expenditure to rightfully apply deductions to claim at tax time. Developed by accountants and small business owners, it’s simple—three step process will save you time, paperwork and money.

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As simple as completing a short form, incorporating the highest level of Australian data and security standards possible.

Link Account

Linking your account is as easy as hitting a button. Once linked, Deductly will get to work identifying every possible expenditure from the past year—or further if needed.

Deduction Report

In minutes, Deductly provides your deductions and expenditure in a report, reducing a tiresome, hours-long process to a matter of minutes.

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Deductly Expenditure Report

It takes professional tax accountants three hours to complete similar reports - Deductly takes minutes

Multiple accounts

No matter what kind of business you run—or how many accounts you have — Deductly will cover them.

To Australian Tax Office standards

Transaction reports detail proof of purchase to ATO standards, eliminating the need to collect boxes of paper receipts throughout the year (unless you want to, we won’t judge).

One report to rule them all

Your personalised report will highlight expenses specific to you and your industry, ensuring you don’t miss out on niche deductions.
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Simple pricing.

Free for individuals and small business

Small Business

Individuals and Partnerships

  • Get a head start on your taxes!
  • Report delivered in minutes
  • Expenditure Categorised
  • ATO Standards
  • Find every Deduction

Medium & Large

Business Solution

  • Report delivered in minutes
  • Expenditure Categorised
  • Large Transaction Sets Analysed
  • ANZIC Classified
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For Accountants

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  • Client Dashboard
  • Custom Dashboard Configuration
  • Speed up tax interviews
  • Avoid paper-trails
  • Save hours receipt sorting
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